Coldest day in decades

On one of the coldest days on record, I woke up to see a street full of water running towards my driveway. A water main had ruptured two blocks away … uphill!

water streaming down the street in the winter
Water rushes down the street in channels created where cars have disrupted the surface ice. Larry Shapiro photo

As the top layer of water began to freeze, cars drove through the slush causing the water to re-freeze and create a mess.

Steam rises from the water mixing with the super cold air. Larry Shapiro photo
This is where the blow out of the water main occurred over two blocks away. Larry Shapiro photo

Diligent workers from the Buffalo Grove Water Department came to brave the cold to patch the ruptured pipe.

Crews descended on the scene to make the necessary repairs. Larry Shapiro photo

It took a backhoe loader and several plow trucks over two hours to clear the 6+ inches of snow, ice, and slush that had accumulated in the street and driveway aprons.

Larry Shapiro photo
Larry Shapiro photo
Larry Shapiro photo
Larry Shapiro photo

The entire neighborhood was grateful for their efforts in restoring water service and clearing the roads … all in temperatures of -20 with 20-40 mph winds making it feel like -50. #BGPW