Cobb Island VFD

I visited theĀ Cobb Island VFD recently in Maryland to photograph their Tanker 6, a 2013/2014 Rosenbauer Commander 1250/2500 pumper/tanker. The weather was overcast and the roads were wet, so we kept the driving to a minimum in order to keep the engine clean. We took it to a local park were the scenery was nice albeit a bit muted on the overcast day and prior to the leaves filling the trees.

Rosenbauer Commander fire engine
The day was cloudy though the sun was trying to come out. Larry Shapiro photo
Cobb Island VFD fire truck
A nice image created on an overcast day. Larry Shapiro photo

I spent some time editing the first image to enhance the colors, brightness, and contrast.

Rosenbauer  Commander pumper/tanker
A few adjustments made the image pop. Larry Shapiro photo

When time permits, I try to stop along the road to capture interesting scenes that I might be able to incorporate into images down the road for various reasons. Cobb Island for instance is surrounded by water, yet there was no place to place the fire engine to show this … so …

Cobb Island VFD fire truck
I photographed the harbor leading to the Neale Sound and substituted that for the park. Larry Shapiro photo

I had a stock photo of a rural farm that I wanted to use with a rural fire truck … just because …

Rosenbauer Commander fire truck
Utilizing a farm background that I had in my files, I again changed the image entirely. Larry Shapiro photo

I used the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop to create a mask of the fire engine to pull it from the original background so that I could play around a bit.