Children use a fire hose

Earlier this summer I had an assignment to photograph a fire truck in Zionsville, IN. The fire chief brought me to an area of Main Street with classic old buildings and cobblestone pavement. The truck was positioned diagonally across an intersection.

Larry Shapiro on a photo shoot
I asked one of the firefighters to use my camera so that I could have a few images to remember the assignment. photo by Jason

I asked to have the dark brick watered down to enhance the photo. As the firefighters pulled a line for the task, the chief asked the nearby children if they wanted to help. Jumping at the opportunity, the he helped the children use a fire hose as they took turns wetting the pavement for me.

Boys get a chance to use a fire hose
First the boys had their turn. Larry Shapiro photo
boys wet street with fire hose
As her brother has his turn with the hose, she waits patiently for her chance at it. Larry Shapiro photo
brother and sister help with fire hose
Taking control of the nozzle, she’s having blast … she’s a natural. Larry Shapiro photo

When the street was wet and the firefighters were about to drain the hose, the chief noticed an even younger girl who wanted some of the action. He got down nice and low so she could share the excitement.

Fire chief and small girl with fire hose.
The chief opened the nozzle to a small flow so she could get close to it. Larry Shapiro photo

This of course was a perfect photo op for her dad.

Father taking a picture of his daughter with a fire hose
Dad grabs a photo of this unique opportunity. Larry Shapiro photo
Father taking a cell phone picture of his daughter
Not quite sure which one is happier here. Larry Shapiro photo

And … a sample of the almost completed image of the fire truck.

Zionsville FD Ladder 93 E-ONE CR137 137' aerial ladder
An almost completed image of the scene that created all the excitement. Larry Shapiro photo