Car smashes into grocery store

Yesterday’s July 4th holiday was nice and quiet for many in the area where I live … and then a woman decided to shatter the calm by smashing through the entrance of our local grocery store … backwards no less 

Fortunately there were no injuries … a bit of broken glass on a store employee and … well … a quick checkup for the driver … and then it was up to the towing company and the board up guys.

Although it’s something you don’t see everyday … it has become a much more common occurrence than in years past.

Considerations for accident scene photography: The first shot required the detail to be rescued from the shadows as the sun was bright outside the building but it was dark where the car was sitting.

car smashes into store front
The driver sits in the car as firefighters evaluate the stability of the damage around her. Larry Shapiro photo

This next shot required the same adjustments though with a simple gradient adjustment to lighten the left side of the frame due to the bright sun and harsh building shadows.

Lexus damaged after driving into store
How to trash a perfectly good Lexus SUV. Larry Shapiro photo

The last image was shot 2/3 of a stop overexposed since the meter was going to read all the bright light from outside. This time I brought back some highlight detail so the outdoor area wasn’t totally blown out. Then I did a real quick temperature adjustment to balance the daylight outside a bit closer with the incandescent light inside.

storefront demolished by car
Is it okay to say … ‘cleanup in aisle 3’? Larry Shapiro photo