Car crash in Myrtle Beach

While on vacation, my curiosity was peaked by sirens at dawn one morning. We were on the 24th floor which gave me a commanding view of the area and I spotted a car crash in Myrtle Beach. It was interesting to watch the response of apparatus and police cars from different directions, all converging on the same spot.

overview of crash scene in Myrtle Beach
Full view from my window. Larry Shapiro photo

I did not travel with a long lens on this trip nor did I have a tripod, so the images were handheld at 5000 ISO with a 70mm lens.

overview of crash scene in Myrtle Beach
This was cropped a bit tighter to see more of what was going on. Larry Shapiro photo

I counted about eight squad cars, an engine, ambulance, heavy rescue, battalion chief and at least one other FD buggy.