Afternoon storms along Alligator Alley

I had a recent assignment in the Florida Everglades. It was hot and humid and sunny … until the early afternoon and the clouds began to move in. We were rained on as we completed the work and then drove off to the east towards Ft Lauderdale. We stopped to grab some scenic images which included the dramatic cloud formations.

dramatic clouds mirrored in calm water
Looking down a canal, the great cloud formation was perfectly mirrored in the calm waters. Larry Shapiro photo

I had to stop at one point to document the view that we had of multiple afternoon storms along Alligator Alley that were visible along the distant horizon. As the area is flat and wide open, we had a tremendous view of the various storm systems … all of which we beat!

storm systems visible on the horizon along the highway
From this vantage point there were two distinct storms that we could see on the horizon. Larry Shapiro photo