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  1. Hi Larry – You photographed the house fire of our family home on Russell in Barrington this past Sunday. Could you please get in touch with me when you have time?

  2. Hello sir great photos was wondering is there a way or link to a list of say California apparatus I know you were recently near me in Fresno County shooting Reedley fire. T-131 beautiful rig im just south of there in Tulare County currently as a paid call firefighter I do Cal Fire in the fire season and where can I purchase copies of what you have shot out here thanks again and terrific work

    1. Hello Aaron,

      I haven’t yet posted the photos from the recent CA trip. I’ve got much to catch up with and should post them at Shapirophotography.net sometime in December. If you’re interested in purchasing something, there’s a buy photos button, otherwise send me an email.

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